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Present & Future


FOTM’s Programs are federally Sentry-Certified at the federal prison in Butner, NC.  The Sentry program offers inmates the ability to receive credit for programs they are involved in during their incarceration.  Making its way into their education transcripts, this information can be used to reduce time yet to be served and/or establish eligibility for the First Step Act – which is intended to reduce incarceration and provide additional support for individuals during and post release.  FOTM currently offers inmates 30 hours of credit for each of its two Program levels.

Our Program’s success in Orange County, NC during 2019 resulted in substantially expanding FOTM’s operational footprint, with our now serving in six NC counties, soon to be six or more out-of-state municipalities, one NC state prison, and one federal prison in VA.  We are currently negotiating to expand operations to a second state prison in NC (Wake Correctional Center), with our first formal FOTM Branches expected to be established in Kannapolis and Raleigh.

FOTM has attracted national attention and acclaim, and has presented on Capitol Hill to the US Congress (on mentoring and prison reform), spoken to executives at Federal Bureau of Prisons HQ (DC), to attendees at NC Governor’s Mansion event on “State of Juvenile Mentoring,” to US Attorney’s Office (Greensboro, NC), and to DOJ at “Project Safe Neighborhood” Convention (Colombia, SC.)



Building on a core of early successes, FOTM Programs need multiple additional capabilities in order to solidify and expand its current operation, including:

Establishing Case Managers at both Butner and Orange County facilities, and refining and formalizing various aspects of our Programs.
This will include formal evaluations for process and outcomes, and drafting a program implementation manual.  We also need to fund key personnel who will provide specific needs-based services, such as Substance Abuse and Mental Health Support.

Institutionalizing internal processes for assessing criminogenic needs, matching needs to programming, assessing changes in needs throughout the process, and measuring long-term retention of desired changes.

Deploying  Program Graduates

FOTM will grow further by developing more graduates of Level II (Leadership Training) who will join existing certified mentors and later become county leaders and trainers.  Our graduates released from the Butner federal prison return to their home counties in various states.  Some desire to create an FOTM support operation in their home counties, and currently there are graduates in the process of developing these in  Macon, GA, Virginia Beach, VA, Charlotte, NC, Hamlet, NC, Columbus, OH, Leadwood, MO, York, PA, Detroit, MI, Washington, DC, Kannapolis, NC, Jacksonville, FL, Anderson, SC, and Oklahoma City, OK. 

Expanding FOTM and its Impact

Given adequate financial support, as of Summer 2022 we plan for expansion over the next 12-18 months to include:

  • Establishing our first two formal FOTM Branches in Kannapolis and Raleigh, NC, led by FOTM Level II graduates, and impacting many more individuals, families, and communities.

  • Further developing our multi-level Youth Program.

  • Further developing our “Sisters on the Move” Program that supports mothers of youth being mentored, teen, and even younger girls who need mentoring.  Our plans call for adding our "Sisters on the Move Program" to both Kannapolis and Raleigh.

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