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To all our graduates what a honor to see you'll grow and become the men and young men you've been called to be something special. To see DeMarcus Smith start out as a mentee at 15 years old who's 24 now and graduated Level 1 as Mentor is one for the books. Intentional accountability and development as we do life with our mentees and mentors. Ms. Tia Moore FOTM College Readiness Coach did a outstanding seminar.

To our Pittsburgh, PA graduates
Bryan and Rico Carter, we'll
see you both soon.


  Thank you, Sisters On The Move

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FOTM 2nd Annual National Conference
Carborro Century Center
October 28-29, 2023  

Blessings to our US Attorney Rob Lang who received FOTM Judicial Award. Appreciate Hillsborough Mayor Jean Weaver and Carrboro's Damon Siles and Chris Aytek for speaking.  Partnership Academy HS Principal Stan Farrington brought the house down with his speech about Big Foots coming to his school to mentor his kids. Treyden received FOTM's Never Given Up Award.

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Grad 2.JPG

Victor Glover Receives DOJ Award

At the end of our 3-Night Revival, our US Attorney Ms. Harrison comes over and says to me: "On behalf DOJ we give this award/medal to for your service and commitment for Justice."

I'm done!  FOTM. this one is for the team because we're a team movement. 

3-Day FOTM Revival

Butner Federal Prison

October 16-18, 2023

We ended our 3-Night Revival at Butner Federal Prison with 17 men getting baptized in our first round of baptism. Hallelujah.... Spoke today to our top Department of Juvenile Justice, DOJ, Law Enforcement and Probation/Parole officials on what we see since FOTM started going back into the prisons.

FOTM and PBC Transitional House

Oct 7 d.jpg
Oct 7 b.jpg

Raleigh, NC 

October 6-8, 2023

Oct 7 a.jpg

Intentional relationships can blossom into something truly beautiful.  PBC Transitional Houses came together with FOTM like Voltron. Lol...  Much love to our leaders who've been faithful through Covid on ZOOM with the one house.  We now celebrate serving all four transitional houses. Divine timing is so amazing now that we're not only planting FOTM locations inside the prisons but elsewhere (Last Days), and inside prisons.  This included ceremonies on the last day coming up at our Federal Prison.  Pre and post-release to Discover, Develop, and Deploy brothers into their calling/purpose.  

July 29 e_edited.jpg
July 29 f.jpg

Fishing Rodeo
at Lake Mackintosh

Burlington Hill, NC
July 29-30, 2023

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July 29 c_edited.jpg
July 29 a.jpg

A beautiful day at the at the FOTM Fishing Rodeo.
Each kid was given their own rod and tackle box
to keep for future outings. Thanks to Chick-fil-A for partnering with us for lunch. The mothers got in on the action with Ms. Glinda showing the boys how it's done by catching the biggest fish of the day.
Contest winners were Isaiah for catching the most fish and Jaqurious for the biggest fish. FOTM leaders holding it down empowering our youth for purpose! Those smiles are priceless! 

July 29 b.jpg
June 17 e.jpg
June 17 c.jpg

Victor Glover at Juneteenth Celebration at Hargraves Community Center
Chapel Hill, NC
June 17, 2023

June 17 b.jpg
June 17 d_edited.jpg

Sisters On The Move helped anchor the fort as we saw African American excellence coming together to empower our community. To  make a difference, we must have a seat at the table to share our voices and thoughts about the communities we serve. Former Chief Blue who now is City Manager came by to encourage and support the movement. Relational partnerships are essential for mobilizing ground troops who are out there getting the work done. When you love what you do! 

Blue Skies

FOTM With Partnership Academy

Hillsborough, NC
June 12, 2023

FOTM End-Year School Concert with Partnership Academy HS.
Motivational speech to the youth from Jedidiah Quilit on"Identity Crisis"
was something special with the kids hanging on to every word. Then he
performed and the house got lit as young people say. Lol.. Then Jedidiah and Charles King brought the house down performing the Our Father's On The Move Anthem with us filming the video shoot for it. Coming soon! Sister's On The Move was in the house... To conclude with a surprise showing of the recent article with our CGGC organization Global Advocate article write up on FOTM. Principle Stan and staff you're a blessing and we're looking forward to our summer movement with these precious kids. When you love what you do, empowering our kids for purpose. 

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Victor Glover is with Curtis L. Gause Pender Correctional Center

We truly ended with a bang in the coastal area as we covered 3 prisons in 5 days. Two were state facilities and our lone Federal Camp. Recovery treatment program graduation keynote speakers  Curtis L. Gause our resident leader and newest Southeast ministry at Ark of Olives in Wilmington NC. Also soon to be graduate of FOTM who'll spearhead the classes at this camp and post release in the area. Fed 70 men his homemade BBQ Turkey wings, rice, stringbeans and strawberry cheesecake. The men were in tears to see and hear as we shared our testimonies.  Strategic mobilization.

Sept 29 a.jpg
Sept 29 b.jpg

Fathers on the Move in Israel
Victor Glover, Executive Director and FOTM Leader Dwight Daniels experiences a real experience of a lifetime trip in Israel

Sept 11 d.jpg

The Holy Land is just that and it's alive just like Jesus is some 2000 years later. Just ask this mind blowing olive tree in The garden of Gethsemane which is 2000+ years old and the amazing part is how even the old and seemingly rotten out middle of the tree produces offspring branches that is still producing olives even to this day. The Western Wall and yes I prayed with my Jewish brothers, well Apostle Paul said to the Jew I became a Jew that I might win some. With the love of Christ! Our tour guide Nadar said if you're coming to see Christ in buildings of stones you're in trouble because he's EVERYWHERE. Finally Yea though I walk threw valley shawdow of death I will fear no evil, you know the rest. The Valley Of Shawdow Of Death is a real place where people feared for their lives because some places are always dark and people were robbed of their goods in this valley. Dwight holding it down at Jericho, Work!!!

Sept 11 b.jpg
Sept 11 a.jpg

Day 8 in the Holy Land has truly brought new beginnings in my life that I'm forever grateful for. Being baptized in the River Jordan (Holy Spirit presence) and then baptizing our resident leader and FOTM level 2 graduate Dwight L Daniels humbled me to tears in my quiet time with Spirit. To witness the writings that I've preached and teached for the last 25 years come as real to me than ever before has given me new profound outlook. To be at Jacobs Well today and to see where Armageddon is going to take place has lit another fire in my soul. All I can say is Work!!

Sept 16 a.jpg
HL Bucket.jpg

Fathers on the Move
Mobilizing in Greensboro!!

July 16, 2022

Doing Mobile Outreach in Greensboro with our team. Even had Sisters on the Move involved
Discover, Develop, and Deploy!

Mobile 1.jpg
Mobile 3.jpg
Mobile 2.jpg

Ninth Annual Reading of Frederick Douglass’s “The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro” at the Carrborro Century Center

Carrborro 1.jpg
Carrborro 4.jpg

July 4, 2022

Carrborro 2 cr.jpg
Carrborro 3.jpg

Bishop Victor Glover attended and is pictured with Carrboro Mayor Damon Seils and Senator Valerie Foushee.  He was also honored to speak with renown civil rights lawyers Professor Joyner, James Williams, and Ted Shaw.  The question of the day for all time: “Who is willing to be the change you want to see?”

Safe Neighborhoods 1.jpg

FOTM Supporting Orange Co.’s Project Safe Neighborhoods

June 30, 2022

We’re so pleased to have had this first notification in a couple years, which we hosted along with the Chapel Hill Police Department. In support of the Project we offer mentoring and resources to men on probation and parole, and interact with Chief Probation and Parole Officers.

Fathers on the Move Going West!
 June 26, 2022

 Returning from CA Eldership Bi-annual Meeting where Bishop Glover spoke to CA Pastors about FOTM.  Celebrating recent FOTM graduates CA Eldership President, Pastor Timothy Welsh of Manteca Church of God, and Deacon Ricardo.

CA Meeting group.jpg

Fathers on the Move in Findlay, OH  - May 23, 2022

V and T-sm.jpg

I'm truly humbled this morning to see Father's on the Move moving again in Findlay, OH.  Our recent Level 2 graduate Toriano Henry will be launching here at this beautiful campus. Toriano and his wonderful wife Susan have already started ministry there.

Toriano shared:
"Words cannot convey the great honor and privilege I feel to have the opportunity to speak into the life of another human being in the construction of the best version of themselves.
A movement of life-building is happening.  I invite you to come and be a part of it!"


Another Fathers on the Move Graduation
  April 23, 2022

grad 1.gif
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grad 4 crop.jpg
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grad 1 crop.jpg

Click to play

Keith Grad sm.jpg
Kannapolis Grad 3-22 sm.jpg

March 25, 2022

The Fathers on the Move movement is moving again as we mobilize the ground troops with my brother Antoine Lassiter and his new Mentors.

The US Attorney along with Sheriff of Cabarrus Co. and Chief of Kannapolis PD came to support the launching of our new location.

Our Chapel Hill Chief of Police couldn’t make it but sent his Sargent to represent.

  Let’s impact our communities!!

 Fathers on the Move Graduation

                  and New Location in Kannapolis

Victor Kannapolis Grad sm.jpg
Partnership Academy FB Post Content 3.jpg

FOTM Now Official Mentoring Agency for Partnership Academy High School

An Historic Day!!! for Fathers on the Move as it officially became the Mentoring Agency for Partnership Academy HS. This includes FOTM’s own classroom for mentoring kids during their school days.  Bishop Glover gave them his testimony about having to go to an alternative school in the ninth grade – so it is very personal for him to show these kids they can be anything they set their minds and hearts to be.

Partnership Academy FB Post Content 1.jpg
Partnership Academy FB Post Content 2.jpg

In response, the kids literally ran to our classroom to sign-up, one after another, and later enjoyed a lunch of delivered Domino's Pizza.


Hearing the kids say that they didn't have a father or father figure in their lives brought real tears to our eyes.

February 23, 2022

V with Diploma - sm.jpg

FOTM’s Founder & CEO Bishop Victor Glover and Chapel Hill’s Police Chief Jabe and his team celebrate 1. Victor receiving his B.S. in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University, 2. Roll-out of new FOTM Brochures, and 3. Development of Strategic Plan for Project Safe Neighborhoods in Orange County.

V and CH Police -sm.jpg
Hillsb Proclamation-sm.jpg

Fathers on the Move Receives Proclamation

from Hillsborough Mayor and Commissioners

Hillsborough Mayor Jenn Weaver reads a proclamation declaring January as National Mentoring Month.  Attrayus Goode and Samuel Bellamy of MENTOR North Carolina, Charlene and Jeff Campbell of Beyond Expectations, and Victor Glover of Fathers on the Move were in attendance for the reading of the proclamation.

Candle Burning 1.gif

In Loving and Grateful Memory

Chuck Service.jpg

To honor Chuck and his dedication
and passion for helping others, we
are planning to establish the
Chuck Willingham
Memorial Scholarship Fund

for deserving program participants

Cap and Tassel.png

Charles Willingham III

V and Principal.jpg

Partnership Academy's Principal Stan Farrington with Bishop Victor Glover

FOTM graduate Travis Wright, who
now lives in Mississippi wrote a
song while in our class at Butner
Federal camp that told his story of
what the FOTM program did for his
life. A performance of this song
will be recorded at this event, and
available commercially.


Writes Travis:

"I became a part of FOTM while incarcerated in federal prison. I spoke with my Bishop today who founded FOTM and we are currently trying to start an FOTM Branch in Mississippi so that all my young Brothers in the hood know that God is doing something behind the scenes that will work on their behalf ASAP.  To be honest it was the best organization that I could ever be apart of considering my situation.  It changed my life forever and we hope collectively on one Accord that we will be able to eventually do the same for you guys. God bless you all sincerely yours.

-  Travis Wright"

Travis Wright.jpg

Why FOTM and NANOE? As Fathers on the Move builds on multiple years of highly successful re-entry support of individuals in the Triangle Area, we are in the process of solidifying our infrastructure for the purposes of viable operation and sustainability. As a new member of NANOE we can now leverage the immense volume of organizational information, guidance, and best practices they have identified to our benefit and that of those we support.

About NANOE:  NANOE is a nationwide network of donors, foundations and corporations whose relentless commitment to significant and sustainable impact transforms communities. NANOE investors are innovators who solve problems (not just service them) by deploying heroic missions of scale that confront social and environmental dilemmas.

Bishop Glover, Jabe Hunter,
and Kathleen Ferguson speaking to the audience
FOTM April 2021 Graduation Flyer.jpg

Our April '21 Graduation was a big success.  Check out the content below!

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