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Intensive Training in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
December 11, 2022

Dec 11 -a_edited.jpg

Truly an historic weekend of our first Intensive Training Bootcamp for the newest region of CGGC organization - the Southeast Region. I'm truly honored and humbled to serve as the Southeast Region Director along with Director Rich Thornton - a brother and friend.
Thanks to host Randall Hall-Walker. A great blessing to be with our new Residency leaders.

Discover, Develop and Deploy: A intentional culture of Equipping and Sending 

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Victor Glover with Hope Center's Ken and Betty McIntyre, at 3 Correctional Facilities

Leadwood, MO
November 20, 2022

Nov 20 c.jpg

The late great Bill Shoemaker called it Cross Pollennation - being able to flow and produce in any context whether it's Rural like this or Urban/Hood.  Much love to Ken and Betty McIntyre and the Hope Center for believing the partnership with FOTM could happen in the beautiful city of Leadwood, MO which has 3 State Correctional facilities in the area. Two days of training concluded with men who are transitioning back home from incarceration, and who will be leading the Leadwood FOTM location.  Thanks to the  Leadwood COG family and my brother West Region Director Kendall Hughes for believing in the FOTM program.

Nov 20 a.jpg
Nov 20 b.jpg

FOTM National Conference

Day 1 Fishing Rodeo with Youth on the Move at Lake Mackintosh with Partnership Academy Highschool. Principal Stan came with his awesome teachers, and they had a great time. One prize was given for catching the biggest fish and a prize for catching the most fish. The Middle District US Attorney attended and presented a powerful message to the youth.  Each youth participant in the event was given a fishing rod and tackle box.

Carrboro, NC
November 5, 6, 7, 2022

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Day 2 We celebrated our graduates. Curtis Goss who will be leading are FOTM Wilmington location and Pender Correction location within the prison. Kyle Strachan who will be leading our Nassau Bahamas location. Kyle Strachan is our first graduate who is a lawyer. This now launches our international division of FOTM. Emmanuel Tahir will lead our FOTM location in Pakistan. Joshua Teye Chrapah will be leading the Ghana Africa FOTM location. There pictures of each International leader is on there also. Kyle has a picture with him in his graduating from law school with the British wig a robe on.

Chief Hunter with Trophy.jpg
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Nov 7 c.jpg

Day 3 ends with a bang as FOTM Leaders received special recognition.  This was Deacon Jim Kremer along with our three newest Elders Jedidiah QuilitCurtis L. Gause, and Dwight L Daniels.  


Thanks to all our supporting  vendors:  Andric Corbett's SmokedOut Turkey BBQ LLC, Letitia Selby, Ukpa and Deacon Anthony Moore's daughters Kayla Moore (baking goods) and Tia Moore (college preparation.)  Very Joyfull as we did it as a team, family and the love of God showed up. Also Big Mo’s of Thank you and much love. 

Celebrating and Empowering Men

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Victor Glover is with Curtis L. Gause Pender Correctional Center

We truly ended with a bang in the coastal area as we covered 3 prisons in 5 days. Two were state facilities and our lone Federal Camp. Recovery treatment program graduation keynote speakers  Curtis L. Gause our resident leader and newest Southeast ministry at Ark of Olives in Wilmington NC. Also soon to be graduate of FOTM who'll spearhead the classes at this camp and post release in the area. Fed 70 men his homemade BBQ Turkey wings, rice, stringbeans and strawberry cheesecake. The men were in tears to see and hear as we shared our testimonies.  Strategic mobilization

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Fathers on the Move in Israel
Victor Glover, Executive Director and FOTM Leader Dwight Daniels experiences a real experience of a lifetime trip in Israel

Sept 11 d.jpg

The Holy Land is just that and it's alive just like Jesus is some 2000 years later. Just ask this mind blowing olive tree in The garden of Gethsemane which is 2000+ years old and the amazing part is how even the old and seemingly rotten out middle of the tree produces offspring branches that is still producing olives even to this day. The Western Wall and yes I prayed with my Jewish brothers, well Apostle Paul said to the Jew I became a Jew that I might win some. With the love of Christ! Our tour guide Nadar said if you're coming to see Christ in buildings of stones you're in trouble because he's EVERYWHERE. Finally Yea though I walk threw valley shawdow of death I will fear no evil, you know the rest. The Valley Of Shawdow Of Death is a real place where people feared for their lives because some places are always dark and people were robbed of their goods in this valley. Dwight holding it down at Jericho, Work!!!

Sept 11 b.jpg
Sept 11 a.jpg

Day 8 in the Holy Land has truly brought new beginnings in my life that I'm forever grateful for. Being baptized in the River Jordan (Holy Spirit presence) and then baptizing our resident leader and FOTM level 2 graduate Dwight L Daniels humbled me to tears in my quiet time with Spirit. To witness the writings that I've preached and teached for the last 25 years come as real to me than ever before has given me new profound outlook. To be at Jacobs Well today and to see where Armageddon is going to take place has lit another fire in my soul. All I can say is Work!!

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The Problem & The Need

Once released, the formerly incarcerated (one in every three adults in the US) face myriad barriers to successful and sustainable re-entry into communities. Many are still not allowed to vote, have limited access to education, face scant job opportunities, and are ineligible for public benefits, public housing, and student loans. Many employers still use background checks in their hiring decisions, putting jobs further out of reach for the millions in the US who have a criminal record.

The above and additional obstacles have profoundly negative effects on families, and without effective support, make it extremely difficult for those returning from incarceration to be engaged, responsible, and productive citizens. We believe that high recidivism rates are caused in large part by lack of opportunities to be mentored, obtain life and career skills, and re-integrate successfully with families.

We are also aware that the circumstances and behaviors that lead to incarceration often begin long before adult and fatherhood years, and Fathers On the Move (FOTM) addresses this by having not only a Fathers Program but also a Youth Program.


Fathers On The Move (FOTM) was established in 2011 to help young men, most of whom are fathers, avoid or break out of the cycle of returning repeatedly to incarceration, to move on to become successful and productive community and family members. Viable and sustained employment and meaningful engagement with their families are essential to this. 

FOTM has served multiple communities in helping young fathers become productive community members and engaged and nurturing fathers and husbands.  Our multi-level Program provides both practical living skills and skills needed to lead others.


In the three years since our Program became operational, we have graduated seven classes; three inside prison environments (one in Orange Co. Correctional and two at Butner), and four outside prison environments (one at Roxboro in cooperation with the Roxboro Housing Authority, and three at FOTM’s main location in Chapel Hill). 


In 2022 and in years following, we plan to solidify and strengthen our base (HQ) operation in Chapel Hill, and establish formal Branch operations in Raleigh and then Durham.

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